About Algo Terminal

Algo Terminal is India's First Auto robot trading terminal which is based on a web-browser. It is preloaded with the best Algo Trading Such as Money Machine and Eagle trading system.

Our web-based Algo trading terminal works with the leading brokers of India who those are providing facilities of API based trading. It is very simple system which gives your relief from watching charts all the time and it saves much time to do other tasks.

Algo trading is always better than manual trading. Algo trading is fully automatic trading without any manual intervention. It is a emotionless trading which is very important thing while trading because most of the time we loose money due to emotions.


Key features of Algo Trading

Cloud Based Algo Trading

Algo terminal is a cloud based trading app which is fast, secure and highly profitable.

Saves a lots of time

Now you don't need to sit infront of computer. Robot will take care about your trades.

Emotionless Trading

Most of the time, emotions kills our hardly earned money. Algo terminal is a smart solution.


Why Choose Algo Terminal?

We believe in a new world, which helps you introduce you to the next generation algo trading revolution. We designed it very carefully to make it more attractive, useful and fit any kind of Stock or Commodity Market.

Secured User Data

We protect user data and encrpt the user credential to have a safe and secure trading. We never save user credentials so there will be no change of theft or harm.

No VPS required

We provide some pre-loaded signals in the algo terminal so, there is no need to run the MT4 and there is no need to use the VPS because our server will handle your trades.

Big Data Insights

You can trade & invest in any number of Stocks and commodity. Our terminal is capable of managing 200+ Symbols trading at single time. This is the best feature of Algo terminal.

How Algo Trading Works?

Algo trading is a process in which we include 3 softwares MT4, Terminal and Trading API.

Strategy Development

First and the most important thing about doing algo trading is to make a strategy. While doing charting you have to decide a strategy in which you want to trade automatically. Strategy is the main thing because it decide the profitablity ratio of your trading

  • Think a good Strategy.
  • Code the Strategy.
  • Test the Strategy and Make Rules.
  • Follow the rules and trade automatically.

MT4 Terminal

MT4 terminal is the best charting terminal in the world. In our process we use the MT4 terminal to generate the signals and that signals send Signals to our Algo Terminal.

Algo Terminal

Algo terminal is the bridge between the MT4 terminal and the Trading terminal. Whenever the signal comes to the Algo terminal, it push the signal to your trading terminal to perform the trade.

Trading Terminal

Trading Terminal receives the signal from the Algo terminal and it receive the inputs and trade accordingly. Broker provides the API to hit on the bases of the signals of the Algo Terminal.

App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Terminal APP

Algo Terminal app is now available on Android and IOS as well. You can simply go to the app store and download the Algo Terminal App. It's best for those who don't remain online via PC or Desktop. It is preloaded with all features available in our Web Terminal.

How to Use the Algo Trading Mobile App?

Download from app store

If you are using android phone, you can download the Algo Terminal app from Google Play store. Iphone users also can download the application from the Apple store.

Signup with your Details

Once you successfully download the app from the store, next step is to signup with the correct credentials and use the free trial of the Application of 6 days.

Do Settings accordingly

After signup, you can choose your broker such as Kite, Upstox or Aliceblue. After putting your login details, you can simply set your desired symbols. Done!!

Algo Terminal Web Terminal

Introducing Complete Algo Dashboard

We designed the algo terminal panel to manage the auto robot trading with Stock and commodity market. It’s allows to manage every thing such as trades, History, Square off and all other robot features.

  • Fully manage application process.
  • Option to choose your desired broker.
  • Complete trading through the broker API.
  • Best profitable Signals preloaded.
  • Fully Automatic Process.
  • Online Payment option Integrated.

Algo Terminal Documentation

Read the documentation carefully and make your own bots and use them with our algo terminal perfectly.


Read the Documentation

We have defined the full documentation about how to use our platform. This documentation is for developers so that anyone can customize there strategies and can use the Algo terminal perfectly.

The Money machine success

What are our monthwise Profits?

August 2018 12,500 INR

8 Signals.

September 2018 71,400 INR

24 Signals.

October 2018 58,600 INR

28 Signals.

November 2018 45,300 INR

21 Signals.

December 2018 7,100 INR

26 Signals.

January 2019 -3,800 INR

24 Signals.

February 20,200 INR

28 Signals

March 21,700 INR

24 Signals.

April 41,800 INR

25 Signals

May 87,800 INR

32 Signals.

June 32,600 INR

28 Signals